Safely test in production on real users without them noticing

Smarter and safer refactoring for effective developers


How Visible Light works

Visible Light built on top of open-source code, with the goal to make it as easy and seamless as possible to deliver refactored code with confidence.

Approach originated at GitHub, with companies like Trello, Marvel, RealGeeks and many others adopted and released their libraries for their tech stack.

Real Geeks

Fool-proof deployment

Here for you when your test suite is just not enough

Know how your refactored code will behave in production without incurring risk

Visible Light allows your app to continue to use the old code version while simultaneously testing the new version and reporting any differences.

Understand exactly how your customers interact with your code and stop launching in the dark

Visible Light helps you cover unpredicted edge cases and difficult to test scenarios. Because let’s be honest, customers often use software in unexpected ways.

Improve and update mission-critical, legacy code with confidence

Never be responsible for software downtime again. With Visible Light, you can catch unexpected code mismatches before they happen.

Save time and effort to work on what matters most

Catch any differences between the old and new versions of code, and never spend hours trying to understand someone else's logic again.

Say goodbye to dreaded refactoring tasks clogging up your backlog

Visible Light is easy to use and quick to implement, so you can get through more tasks faster and finally feel like you are paying-off tech debt.

Instant performance data at your fingertips

Get detailed performance data on your proposed alternative(s) while comparing code performance under the same circumstances.

Seamless integration

Made for your tech stack

Visible Light was built to make your life easier, not harder. All you need to do is connect our API using the line of code for your language below, and you are ready to start an experiment!


You already have enough work to do. Simply set an experiment, sit back, and let the results flow in.

Ready to start experimenting safely?

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